Where’s everyone going? Behind SA’s new skills exodus

This is a complex and unsettling story – one thing that seems clear, though, is that it would be a mistake to write this loss of talent and skills off simply to a white (and, by implication or inference, racist) exodus. People are leaving for a bunch of reasons, but basically they are voting with… Read More

After Children Die in Pit Toilets, South Africa Vows to Fix School Sanitation – The New York Times

The tragic saga of basic infrastructure in South Africa’s poorest schools, serving the poorest (black) children, goes on and on and on. No-one is held accountable. The state takes no effective action. Funds disappear, and children suffer. In some cases they pay with their lives. This is a defining reality of post-apartheid South Africa. We… Read More

What do we mean by results?

All of us in the development field want ‘results,’ presumably – but what does this mean? Does the focus on results translate into top-down, centralised, short-termism, or do we (development practitioners, donors, foundations, experts of one hue or another) see results in terms of long term sustainable change, that works for the communities we’re rooting… Read More