Everyone loves the MDG’s, right?

  Thoughtful piece, as usual, on the MDGs – some love ’em, some think the idea is ok but there are simply too many of them – but the real question is whether, and how, they are getting any traction? Meaning, real-world political action and causal change – not just columns of ‘targets’ and ‘measures’… Read More

Why free university education won’t work | Cover Story | financialmail

Everyone with an interest in higher education should read this excellent piece by Jonathan Jansen on the fees crisis in South African universities. via Why free university education won’t work | Cover Story | financialmail

Support the Canada-Mathare Education Trust!

  Charities and non-profit organisations come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are large, established, influential, international. Think World Vision, Oxfam. At the other end of the scale are the small, local operations, driven by the passion and commitment of a founder (or two), a small band of volunteers, a personal connection to… Read More