Firoz Patel, Deputy Director General, Department of Higher Education and Training, South Africa

I strongly recommend and endorse Glen. He has a deep understanding of skills development.


Paul Brennan, Vice President International Partnerships, Colleges & Institutes Canada (formerly ACCC)

“Glen did an excellent work of evaluating our work in Mozambique on the challenge of improving Education for Employment over the past five years. He met our partners, drew out the lessons and made recommendations for the future, which we are implementing in the current new project there. Glen has extensive experience in South Africa and the greater southern African region, and from a business perspective, which is very valuable.”
Apr 25, 2016

Dr Christine Crowe, Vice President Academic, Red River College

Recommended for work undertaken as a Consultant at Higher Education Strategy Associates

Glen was the lead consultant on the development of our Red River College Academic Plan from June 2015 to February 2016. He led a diverse team through every stage from stakeholder (internal and external) consultations to data collection/analysis and the writing of the final report. He is a thoughtful and perceptive facilitator, able to build trust quickly with the team members and keep the project on track despite various detours. He wrote two major reports (with various versions and iterations) that formed the basis for the final Plan. Everyone was impressed with his ability to capture themes, incorporate feedback and produce a beautifully written report. He is very client-focussed, always checking to ensure he has a clear understanding of client needs and expectations. His international post-secondary experience brought richness and depth to our discussions. As the internal lead on the Academic Plan, I drew upon Glen’s considerable experience to guide my own learning and was inspired by his insights on a number of occasions. He also served as a source of reason, calmness and encouragement during various times throughout the project. He is a trusted and highly skilled facilitator, researcher and writer. I would highly recommend Glen to support any team through a planning process or research project.

Professor Mike Campbell, OBE

I worked with Glen for a period of 18 months in 2014/15 on a major project developing ‘skills planning’ in South Africa. It involved considerable high level report writing for the Department of Higher Education and Training and the European Union Dialogue Facility, as well as study tours of Australia and the European Union with senior officials from the South African Government and a series of stakeholder workshops.

Glen is an excellent colleague: knowledgeable,experienced, thoughtful and with the ability to draft reports of rare high quality. Highly personable, articulate and results focused, he is the ideal consultant, not only to hire but with whom to work.

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