Where’s everyone going? Behind SA’s new skills exodus

This is a complex and unsettling story – one thing that seems clear, though, is that it would be a mistake to write this loss of talent and skills off simply to a white (and, by implication or inference, racist) exodus. People are leaving for a bunch of reasons, but basically they are voting with… Read More

After Children Die in Pit Toilets, South Africa Vows to Fix School Sanitation – The New York Times

The tragic saga of basic infrastructure in South Africa’s poorest schools, serving the poorest (black) children, goes on and on and on. No-one is held accountable. The state takes no effective action. Funds disappear, and children suffer. In some cases they pay with their lives. This is a defining reality of post-apartheid South Africa. We… Read More

What do we mean by results?

All of us in the development field want ‘results,’ presumably – but what does this mean? Does the focus on results translate into top-down, centralised, short-termism, or do we (development practitioners, donors, foundations, experts of one hue or another) see results in terms of long term sustainable change, that works for the communities we’re rooting… Read More

Youth unemployment needs action now as well as long term strategies

South Africa’s stubborn – and tragic – problem of large scale, long term, structural unemployment, especially amongst the country’s youth, needs long term, structural solutions: radical improvements in early childhood education and basic education, re-establishing the link between technical and vocational education and training and the workplace ranking high amongst them. This useful article by… Read More