South Africa: Higher Education Hangs in the Balance. Here Are Four Scenarios –

Suellen Shay picks up on a long-standing issue in South African higher ed, one which my old friend Ian Scott has been rightfully and righteously banging on about for years: without investments, and improvements, in teaching and learning, pumping money into student financial aid and opening the doors to all leads to, as Shay puts… Read More

Skills crisis: New system to train artisans | Features | financialmail

Good to see the College Industry Partnership Initiative, which I started with Marianne Scott at the National Business Initiative a decade ago, gaining traction in the ongoing effort to enhance the relevance and quality of skills development in South Africa, and improve employment opportunities for young people. via Skills crisis: New system to train artisans… Read More

South African ‘born free’ students see the world through the prism of race – Times LIVE

Amidst all the concerns about race, conflict, and intolerance in South African higher education, there is a simple but important message in this research into student attitudes and perspectives: in essence, many students are seeing the world through the single prism of their own experience – their own, and that of those ‘like’ them – rather… Read More

Public Further Education and Training Colleges in South Africa

South African chapter by Glen Fisher and Marianne Scott, in Paul Elsner et al. (2007) Global Development of Technical, Community College, and Further Education. 1 Global Survey entire final

Improving Throughput in the Engineering Bachelors Degree

Report to the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA): recommends seven ‘levers of change’ for improving undergraduate throughput rates, for disadvantaged students as well as for the general student population, in the Engineering Bachelors Degree. The report was  based on in-depth interviews with Engineering Deans and Heads of Department at every South African University offering… Read More