Academic Plan, Red River College

Lead Consultant with Higher Education Strategy Associates on the development of a new Academic Plan for Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Development of the Plan commenced in July 2015, and a final document was submitted to the College in February,  2016.

Working with a small HESA project team, Red River’s Vice President Academic, Dr Christine Crowe, and a broad-based steering committee, Glen led an extensive internal and external stakeholder engagement process, conducted an environmental scan and managed the analysis of College data. Key themes were captured in an internal consultation document, and comments and responses invited from the College community.

The emerging analysis and recommendations were extensively workshopped with the project steering committee, and several drafts of the Plan developed in close consultation with the Vice President Academic and senior colleagues.

The proposed Academic Plan was presented to and approved by the steering committee, the College’s senior management and Board of Governors.

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