Stop the war on knowledge | City Press

Excellent piece by Mondli Makhanya calls out those pushing for free higher education in South Africa, and simplistic arguments about ‘decolonizing’ the curriculum. via Stop the war on knowledge | City Press

2 thoughts on “Stop the war on knowledge | City Press

  1. The U.S. would benefit, if he took this excellent commentary and tweaked it for American higher education in the 21st Century. Although the U.S. sector remains strong, there are similar forces and ill-formed ideas in circulation that, if enacted, would begin to turn the ship toward a reef-filled region of the sea of knowledge.


    1. Indeed. There are many things to be learned from indigenous knowledge, cultural knowledge and perspectives etc etc, and the history of science and learning is itself a vital and fascinating topic. But this is not the same thing at all as claiming that science and knowledge should be ‘decolonized’ – as if ‘decolonization’ itself is not a narrowly constructed ideological framework. Or set of blinkers 🙂


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